Australian Made clothes that GROW

Creating Solutions for Busy Parents (a.k.a All Parents!)

Babies outgrow clothing fast. This common problem is both time-waster and money pit for parents and exacerbates the textile waste issue. Until now. 

When it comes to sustainable fashion, the contribution of children’s clothing to the textile waste problem is often overlooked. While the sector represents only 12 percent of overall market share, it constitutes a considerable portion of the 300 million pounds of textiles entering landfills each year in Australia.

Children themselves embody thefast fashion model with their rapid growth rate requiring a constant flow of new clothing to keep up with lengthening limbs and expanding feet. While hand-me-downs and second-hand clothing offer an effective way to drive down costs and impacts, making fundamental changes at the design and production stage will be key in starting an industry-wide shift. 

Moosey Moose is launching a better baby basics collection that changes the way parents invest in their little one’s closet. Responsibly made in Australia, of sustainable materials like bamboo, this brand features smart, grow-with-me sizing that simplifies shopping and cuts out the monthly closet purge.


The brand is excitedly challenging traditional sizing for infants and toddlers by making garments adjust as babies grow. 

Moosey Moose will offer Small fitting from 0-12 months and Medium, fitting from 1-3 years old -lasting up to four times longer than most baby brands' options. Jax Power-Champion, founder of Moosey Moose says, "I created Moosey Moose to simplify parents' lives, and provide a sustainable, minimalist alternative to the disposable approach we see in childrenswear."

Boasting modern style with no itchy tags, unisex tones and styles, the collection will launch with the sleeveless "Baby Back Romper" in 3 colourways. It can be worn on its own or with a t-shirt or long sleeve underneath for all seasons to come.