Australian Made clothes that GROW

Sustainability Practices

We care deeply about the way our garments are produced. We want to make sure that as a business we don’t impact negatively on the environment or supply chain workers.

We strive to make thoughtful and informed decisions about every facet of business operations. Below is a list of some of the choices we’ve made in order to reduce our negative impact on people and planet, and increase our positive impact:

Australian Made

At Moosey Moose, we are so proud to say we design and manufacture in Australia.

The final garments are cut, sewn and manufactured in Sydney. Short run production ensures high quality pieces and support of local Australian jobs, the Australian textile industry and manufacturers.


It took time to consider a sustainable fabric choice, that would be suitable for a baby and the growing style -  but bamboo jersey became the solution, as it is antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and is thermo-regulating (meaning it's cool in summer and warm in winter), all while still being durable.

If that’s not enough goodness for you it's also eco friendly and good to the Earth too.

Read more about why we love bamboo so much...

Slow Fashion

When you purchase Moosey Moose you are buying clothing made of durable fabrics that are gender neutral, designed to be passed down to siblings and friends for years to come. 

Our garments are not mass produced and are sustainable by design, growing 5 sizes in 1 and lasting through growth spurts for up to two years.

Freight To You

Our Packaging is Plastic free.

Each delivery is then sent in 100% compostable and biodegradable bags from and we encourage them to be reused or home composted by our customers. 

Seeded Paper Swing Tags + Cards

Our swing tags and thank you cards can be planted to grow beautiful flowers.

These plantable cards are made from recycled paper; handmade in Australia embedded with Swan River Daisy seeds.