Australian Made clothes that GROW



Grow With Me Apparel? How does it work?

Our Grow clothing fits your child for much longer than conventional clothing. 3 x Longer in fact!! They're a little roomier, a little stretchier, and they're adjustable for a custom fit as your child grows. Adjust the fit by rolling up/down the cuffs, adjusting the snap position, or cinching the waist with the hidden drawstrings inside. Customize the fit so your baby or toddler can wear it for many months or even years!

3X Longer? Really? 

Really! Well, up to 3x. Babies grow super crazy fast in their first year, so the smaller sizes will fit for a little less time. Beginning at about 12 months, though, they slow down a bit and they will get a whole lot of wear out of their Moosey Moose pieces.

What sizes do you make?

Our Moosey Moose clothing currently comes in two sizes: Small 0-12 months, Medium 12 months - 3 years and we will launch 3 years- 6 years soon!

What is my child’s size?

We recommend you chose your childs current age.Because all of our pieces are designed to grow with your child, we do not recommend "sizing up." If you have any questions or are looking at buying a gift and need guidance, please do not hesitate to email us on

Does Moosey Moose 'Grow With Me' clothing make a good gift?

Absolutely! YES!  Moosey Moose Grow with me clothing makes a wonderful, unique gift because it lasts for so much longer than a conventionally sized outfit would! Our innovative products make for exciting gifts for expectant parents or grandparents; taking the guesswork out of which size to buy their little ones as well as an easy item to keep in the nappy bag for an easy change of clothes that will always fit! 

I have a crawling baby or small toddler; how will a romper hold up?

Moosey Moose Rompers are ideal for your little one! Soft and stretchy, they allow your child to move comfortably without restriction! Like any children's clothing item, our Rompers and pants and hoodies are subject to wear and tear. 

How do I care for and launder my Moosey Moose Items? Will it shrink?

We love the cozy hand-feel, breathability, and the low maintenance nature of Bamboo. Please note that due to the nature of Bamboo, some shrinkage may occur.

We strongly suggest washing Moosey Moose items in cold water and hang to dry or tumble dry on low. For best results, do not wash together with abrasive items, such as jeans or zippered items. 

**Do not use stain removers containing peroxide as it can cause garment discoloration.**

Where is Moosey Moose Clothing made?

Moosey Moose clothes are made in Australia by our amazing team in Sydney and Byron Bay.  Paying a fair wage is one of our core values, and we are proud to hire local seamstresses and pay them well for their impeccable work!



What are your sustainable practices?

We are wildly passionate about sustainability and making real change! For more information about all of our sustainability practices; click here