Australian Made clothes that GROW

Our Story


My name is Jax. Lover of family, coffee and sleep (aren't we all) 

While pregnant with our first baby, Finn, I was sooo excited for all the cute little outfits while equally overwhelmed with the amount of clothing everyone said we needed for a new baby. “Will this be too hot, too cold, too large, too I need 100 onesies?”

When Finn was just 5 months old: I was a mum, standing in front of a mountain of his barely worn & unworn clothing wondering how he grew out of all his clothes so fast! 

I dove head first into researching solutions. 

I learnt quite a few things that day:  

#1 Babies grow 5 sizes in their first year and 7 sizes by the age of 2! And baby clothes don't grow. 

#2 More than 500,000 tonnes of textiles are sent to landfill in Australia each year and one Aussie buys an average of 27kg of textiles each year and then discard 23kg into landfill 

#3 The childrenswear industry fails to recognise the dynamic & rapidly changing size of babies and toddlers. Continuously offering more and more sizes (and more and more waste!) 

#4 Magically, my maternity jeans fit me from through my entire pregnancy and back again

Inspired by my maternity clothing which "grew with me" I started to conceptualise designs that could adjust and grow with babies and toddlers. Kids Grow fast, their clothes should too.

Fast forward 2+ years and the dream of baby clothes that grow is LIVE! Our first release is The Grow Romperwhich fits up to 5 sizes in 1, made from luxuriously soft and sustainable bamboo.

My goal is simple; I want to break all the rules. 

I look forward to sharing our rule breaking, problem solving pieces with parents and gift givers alike and cannot wait to redefine the way we all shop for and dress our little ones. 

I am so excited you're here. You're awesome!