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10 Eco-Friendly Mum Hacks

In the world of raising eco warrior babies, there are so many products we have to use in order to keep our little ones fed, cleaned, entertained, and happy. Sometimes life can come at you so fast and you don’t even have time to blink an eye, let alone think about “going green” for the environment. I, by no means, am the poster woman that has it all figured out in the land of eco-conscious, but there are a few practices I have and will be adopting to better help the planet. Here are ten EASY eco-friendly hacks you can try out today!

1. Go Local

Most towns have a local farmers market that supplies fresh produce and products for the community. Supporting local farmers is a fun and easy way to go a little more green for the environment. This is also a fun way to get your family out in the fresh air to pick out their favorite fruits and vegetables for the week. 

2. Fresh Puree

This one may require a little more work on the front end. This may seem like it will take more time and work in the short term, but it will be better for your kids and lessen your footprint too! Most of the time those baby food purees come in plastic containers or little glass bottles that usually just find their way into the landfills. Granted, the glass bottles are not as bad for the environment, many times recycling glass is more of a hassle for many people than just throwing it away. Making your own purees and freezing the food in pre-set containers will be better for your kids and the environment. Win win!

3. Get Outside

Sounds easy enough right? This is a simple and effective way to get your kids to love the outdoors, and become aware of the earth. Try and get away from the city if you can so they can roam free (somewhat). See trash on the ground? Pick it up. Have trash to throw away? Try and recycle. Having your kids outside will help them to become aware of different “elements” they are not exposed to inside. All you will need is sunscreen, bug spray possibly, weather appropriate clothing, and unstructured playtime! It will work wonders for their minds!

4. Walk, bike, scoot to school

Taking the time to walk or bike with your kids to school can be a chance to bond and get in some exercise before the workday grabs your attention. If you're a late riser or have a distance to travel connect with other parents to start a carpool, which will save you time and gas. 

5. Learn About Recycling

This can be a fun activity for children of any age. Being aware of conservation, and recycling at an early age will set them up to follow those habits as adults. Teach them that they can bring their own water bottle to fill up versus drinking four small plastic water bottles. You can emphasize that not everything belongs in the trash, and teach them the difference between the recycling bin and the trash can. Mother Earth will benefit, and you may even get some head turns too!

6. Choose slow fashion or shop second hand

Babies grow out of clothes at a rapid rate, and although it can be tempting to buy beautiful new outfits all the time, consider opting for a second hand or adjustable growing styles like Moosey Moose. 

You may be lucky enough to have a friend with an older child who will hand things down, but if not, join some local mummy sale and swap groups or have a look for bundles on auction sites such as eBay and Facebook Marketplace. And, when baby has outgrown them, give them to someone else. 

7. Ditch the single-use plastic for better alternatives

Single-use plastic is everywhere – including in the ocean and in the landfill. The good news is that ditching single-use plastic is now big news, and retailers and brands are starting to take note and offer alternatives.

You can make some very simple small changes at home, too. Take your own bags to the shop, invest in some beeswax sandwich wraps, buy a reusable coffee cup, say no to plastic straws and choose a bamboo toothbrush or biodegradable cotton buds next time you need some.

If we all make little changes, it will add up to a big difference for our environment.

8. Give non-disposable nappies and wipes a go…

Arggghhhhh noooo I hear you yell! If you still think non-disposables are all terry cloths, safety pins, and endless stinky washes, you’d be wrong!

Amazingly cool brands like EcoNaps are growing in popularity, as more mums move away from the eco nightmares that are baby wipes and disposable nappies.

Not up for the cloth route? No worries! There are plenty of eco-friendlier disposable options that minimize your baby’s impact on the environment. 

9. Find some eco-alternatives for bath time

Using plastic-free alternatives for bath time such as shampoo bars and soap bars is a great start – shop around for little brands online or visit your local whole foods store, as many of them also sell locally made eco-friendly products. You could even have a go at making your own! Another amazing invention for those using a large bath for bubs is the “Baby Dam”. This creates a small bath out of your large bath saving time and water! 

10. Choose Experiences in favour of toys 

Plastic toys account for 90 percent of the market and most are nearly impossible to recycle. Go for quality over quantity and choose sustainably made toys over the cheap plastic variety when possible. Even better: experts suggest that vacations with your child or even outdoor experiences can give them a brain development boost that playing at home can't. It works the "seeking" part of the brain that can lead to growth in the area responsible for cognitive functioning, problem-solving, emotional expression, memory, language, and judgment.

It is all about easy and quick for most parents, and we believe at Moosey Moose that doing your part to be environmentally conscious does not have to be hard and take a ton of time. Small habits that don’t seem like they make an impact, actually do! 

Tell us your favourite eco mum tip!